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The Meeting Rooms at Bristol Public Library

Thank you so much for enquiring about the use of a meeting room at the Bristol Public Library.

Meeting Rooms are divided into two categories: Rooms that are available for request online (require confirmation by the Meeting Room Coordinator) and rooms that are available for self-booking online. Online room requests and self-bookings require first time users to create a user account. Once created, and verified by the Meeting Room Coordinator, users will have the option to self-book any one of the Library's three reading rooms or request one of the larger meeting rooms. Accounts may take up to 24 hours for activation. Please call the Meeting Room Coordinateor at 276-645-8781 for additional assistance.

Rooms available for request:

J. Henry Kegley Meeting Room
Frances Kegley Conference Room

Rooms available for self-booking:

William C. Burriss, Sr. Reading Room
Cardiovascular Associates Reading Room
Blue Stocking Club Reading Room

Terms & Agreements

By requesting space online with the Bristol Public Library you are acknowledging your acceptance of the Meeting Room Policies and the general policies of the Bristol Public Library.